Urdu Summaries: English & Pakistani Literature Urdu Series

Urdu Translations & Summaries Of English Literature

arrow Alexander Pope

arrow Sylvia Plath

arrow Aristotle

arrow John Milton

arrow T.S Eliot

arrow Sir Philip Sidney

arrow Christopher Marlow

arrow William Shakespeare

arrow Oscar Wilde

arrow John Ashbery

arrow Jonathan Swift

arrow Richard Brinsley

arrow Raymond Williams

arrow Virginia Woolf

arrow Earnest Hemingway

arrow Toni Morrison

arrow William Golding

arrow Professor Catherine Belsey

arrow Sophocles
    • Oedipus at Colonus by Sophocles Complete Translation in Urdu / Summary
    • Antigone by Sophocles Complete Urdu Translations / Summary

arrow Jane Austen

arrow D.H Lawrence

arrow Charles Dickens

arrow Thomas Hardy

arrow Chinua Achebe

arrow Samuel Beckket

arrow Henry Fielding

arrow George Eliot

arrow George Bernard Shaw

arrow Joseph Conrad

arrow Eugene O'Neill

arrow Richard Wilber

arrow Eden Phillpotts

arrow Harold Brighouse

arrow Ahmad Ali

arrow Arthur Miller

arrow A.A. Milne

arrow James Joyce

arrow Anton Chekhov

arrow Geoffrey Chaucer

arrow George Orwell

arrow Lev Tolstoy
    • Anna Karenina by Lev Tolstoy Urdu Translation / Summary

arrow Bertolt Brecht

arrow John Banville

arrow Henrik Ibsen

arrow Walt Witman

arrow Adrienne Rich

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