Robert Frost Biography in Urdu | Themes - Philosophy - Ideas |

▉ Robert Frost Biography in Urdu | Themes - Philosophy - Ideas |

Robert Frost is an American renowned poet. He was born in 1874 in the city of San Francisco. He spent almost his full life in the village named, New England, So all the events and scenes in the Frost poems reflects the village, New England. He likes villages life and he dislike city life. He is also knowN as the Poet of Nature as William Words Worth, but Frost views about nature are different from the views of William Words Worth. Frost discovers the relation between man & nature and depicts in his own poems. His views about nature are not based on liking or disliking of nature, he considers that nature is free and independent from man.
Robert Frost also known as the philosophical poet. Frost most poems are based upon the daily life experiences but he depicts very beautifully in his poems with reference to the philosophical aspects.  In Robert Frost poem, themes of nostalgia & isolation are very prominent. Robert Frost poems have also taste of dramatic scenes in which characters are free to speak what they want.

Robert Frost

Robert Frost is the most notable American Poet. He was born in 1874 at San Francisco. He spent his life most time the American village "New England". So all the scenes that we see in the poems are the reflection of his own village "New England". Robert Frost likes village life very much. He did not like urban life. Robert Frost also known as nature poet due to highly use of natural imagery in his poetry. But Robert Frost and William Wordsworth opinions about nature were both different. Frost relates nature with the human beings and makes a relation between humans and nature in his poems. In his poems there is no body who dislikes nature. He considers nature as the most powerful entity that requires no support of anyone, its means that nature is independent.
Robert Frost also know as a Philosophical poet. Frost mostly poems are based on daily life routine and the experiences of life. He describes philosophically all the events and incidents of life and gives a new beautiful look so the reader inspires. In Robert Frost poems we also find the themes of sadness, nostalgia, isolation; it means that in his life there was something wrong, or it directs us to Robert Frost personal life destruction.

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