After the Last Bulletin | Marginallia | Still Citizen Sparrow by Richard Wilbur in Urdu

Richard Wilbur:

Richard Wilbur was the famous American poet & translator. He was born on 1st March 1921 (New York City, New York, United States) & died on 14th, October 2017 at Belmont, Massachusetts, United States.   Wilbur's all work was written in traditional forms, which is very famous by its wit, charm, and gentlemanly elegance.

Wilbur Poems

  • After the Last Bulletin
  • Marginallia
  • Still Citizen Sparrow

After the Last Bulletin:

In this poem, Wilbur actually tells us the pathetic situation of the world in absolute critical way. He tells us that, the modern man is very materialistic, & he did not care of anyone, even he did not response at the death of any individual. That's why now people are de-centering from its center. People have less knowledge about humanity & other people caring. Everybody at this time is full with knowledge so, the knowledge we see in the morning time at the garbage store (newspaper etc). So poet gives us the message that, everything has its limited time to be important for everyone, when its time goes then no body care about that thing even he never felt empty for that thing. 


In this poem, Wilber tells us about the human qualities & characteristics about to do something. He tells that everybody has some special qualities, so if he cashes all the qualities at the perfect time then he will be surely succeeded in his life but if he has the qualities but did not cash it at the right time, then after few days he will lost everything because time never wait for anyone. He also tells us the importance of conscious & sub conscious, because in this we never stop thinking. We think about different ideas about life, music, dreams etc so it will be also very helpful to do something at the right time, so that it won't be lost.

Still Citizen Sparrow:

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