University Of Sargodha Fee Structure | UOS Mianwali Campus Fee | UOS Bhakkar Campus Fee

University Of Sargodha and Its Sub-Campuses Fee Structure Download this file in PDF from here UOS Fee Structure.pdf

* Reg (Regular)
** SS (Self Support)
*** Only for those students who are not already registered with University of Sargodha
**** Institute of Food Science & Nutrition
***** Subject to revision from 2nd and subsequent semesters.
  • For all Foreign/Overseas seats, regular fee + 1000/- US Dollar additional shall be charged each year.
  • Expense structure for all educational programs offered at Sub-Campus Mianwali & Bhakkar will be same as above, however additional educational cost charge of Rs. 4000/ - and Rs. 6000/ - will be charged for general and self-support programs individually.
  • All government taxes will be applicable including Withholding Income Tax per year from all those students whose annual fee / dues is above the limit.
  • If duration of study is extended due to any reason, the fee shall be charged at the same rate.

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