Still Citizen Sparrow in Urdu by Richard Wilbur | Themes - Ideas - Urdu | eCarePK.COM

Still Citizen Sparrow in Urdu by Richard Wilbur | Themes - Ideas - Urdu | eCarePK.COM

Richard Wilbur Introduction:

Richard Wilber is the notable American artist, of twentieth century. The freshness of his symbolism, assorted different subjects and the treatment of complex stanzaic forms make his verse extremely extraordinary, amazing and exceptionally enchanting. 
Wilber has the variety of striking strategies in his verse. The tone in his ballads fluctuate from the light and comic to the appalling and desolate.
Realism is the most important feature of Wilber's poetry. It is the hallmark oh his poetry. He is a realist, and each poem of Wilber is true to his life. His poems present realistic themes and issues, taken from everyday life. Here is an Urdu Translation of a Poem "Still Citizen Sparrow" through which you can judge the ideology of Richard Wilber.

Still Citizen Sparrow:

It is very philosophical poem in which poet depicts the life of a citizen sparrow which obviously looks very ugly but actually it is the beauty of nature. It flows very high in the sky & its wings are very strong but silent. Citizen Sparrow has the ability to do any task even it confronts with the death.

Poet used an allusion of Hazrat Nooh (A.S) Ark, in which Citizen Sparrow plays very important role of guidance to man. It was the Citizen Sparrow which save the human beings. So we can say that Richard Wilbur is actually praising the Citizen Sparrow, So he wants the no one should criticize on Citizen Sparrow.

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