Every Thing that Rises Must Coverage in Urdu by Flannery O'Connor | Summary & Analysis |

▉ Every Thing that Rises Must Coverage

by Flannery O'Connor

It is very moral lesson story, because it is all about a white woman and her son. The lady is very proud to be a white women, & she is niece of a empire but now she is spending life in very poverty. She hates black people. She is also patient of high blood pressure and also very fat that's why she takes exercise classes regularly at a very far place of city. Because according to new rules, white and black people can travel together in local buses, that's why she wants to bring her son in order to accompany with her in the berth of the local bus.
But her son is totally against about the mother's thoughts. He does not consider wrong to be met with black people or to talk with black people. That's why he wants to learn a lesson to his mother that's why he talks & met with black people in front of his mother. In the way, a black woman put on the bus with her son. Here is very important thing that, Jullian mother always loves children whether they are black or white, So she gives a coin to the child, when she was leaving the bus. But black woman did not like it that's why she pushed her with her bag from the bus. That's why Jullian mother fell down on the earth. At this time, Jullian becomes very happy to see this and he holds his mother from the earth and take care of him. Soon he realizes that his mother condition is very bad. He rushes towards his mother but he was very late and his mother passed away.

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