Sylvia Plath Biography in Urdu | Themes - Philosophy - Ideas |

▉ Sylvia Plath Biography in Urdu | Themes - Philosophy - Ideas |

Sylvia Plath was a very famous American poet, novelist & prose writer. She was very famous for her poetry in America and all over the world. She wrote a very famous novel "The Bell Jar" in her very young age.
Sylvia Plath wrote her first poem in the age of only eight years, and published in the Bostan Herald child stories. Its remains very famous til today. She also wrote a poem for his father on his grave tomb, give the name as "Daddy". She also attempts suicide for many times in her life, once she take overdose of sleeping pills so that she gone very ill. Due to suicide attempts in her life, the subject of his all poems is death. We can find death as the subject matter of her poems very clearly.
We all know that, where a life ends, a new life starts. So in the Sylvia life it also remains same. We all consider death as a very bad sign because it invites sadness and all bad things but in Sylvia life it brings happiness and charm in her poetry. She manipulates the situation and describe all the incidents by characters in a very beautiful way so that all the readers like her poetry. Chaos and Sadness are the prominent elements of Sylvia poetry due to death of his father but she depicted very well in her poems that's why her poems liked by each strata of the society.

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