The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo Summary

"The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo" is a novel by Taylor Jenkins Reid published in 2017. The story follows the fictional life of Evelyn Hugo, a famous and reclusive Hollywood actress, as she recounts her life and the seven marriages she had throughout her career. Here is a summary of the book:

The novel is framed by an interview between Evelyn Hugo and an unknown journalist named Monique Grant. Monique is surprised when she is chosen to interview Evelyn, as she is a relatively unknown writer for a magazine called Vivant.

Evelyn Hugo, now in her seventies, was a glamorous and legendary actress during the Golden Age of Hollywood. Despite her fame, she has lived a highly private life and rarely granted interviews. Monique is intrigued by the opportunity to interview such an iconic figure and agrees to meet with Evelyn.

During the interview sessions, Evelyn shocks Monique by revealing that she wants Monique to write her biography and publish it after her death. As Evelyn shares her life story, she opens up about her childhood in Hell's Kitchen, her rise to stardom, and her seven marriages.

Each chapter delves into Evelyn's relationships with her seven husbands and the reasons behind her marriages. She reveals her ambition and determination to succeed in a male-dominated industry and her willingness to make difficult choices to advance her career.

Evelyn's first husband, Ernie Diaz, was a childhood sweetheart who provided her with an escape from her troubled home life. However, their marriage quickly ended in divorce as Evelyn pursued her acting career.

Following Ernie, Evelyn married the famous actor Don Adler, whom she adored. But their relationship was marred by Don's infidelity and Evelyn's desire to keep her career on track.

Evelyn's third husband, Mick Riva, was a popular musician. Their marriage was filled with passion and love, but it eventually fell apart due to Mick's substance abuse and infidelity.

After Mick, Evelyn married Rex North, a talented actor with a controlling personality. This marriage ended due to Rex's abusive behavior towards Evelyn.

Evelyn's fifth husband, Harry Cameron, was a talented and devoted actor who loved her deeply. However, their marriage was cut short due to Harry's untimely death.

Evelyn's sixth husband, Max Girard, was a movie producer who helped her gain control of her career and become a respected businesswoman. Their marriage was based on a mutual understanding and respect for each other's ambitions.

The final and most controversial marriage of Evelyn Hugo was to her best friend, Celia St. James. They married for convenience and to hide their true sexual orientations from the public eye. Despite their deep bond, their marriage ended when Evelyn revealed her secret love affair with her driver, Thomas.

Throughout the interviews, Monique becomes increasingly entangled in Evelyn's story, finding parallels between her own life and the choices Evelyn made. Monique also discovers that Evelyn has a hidden connection to her own family.

In a shocking twist, it is revealed that Evelyn chose Monique to write her biography because she discovered that Monique is the daughter of Evelyn's true love, Thomas. Evelyn wanted to share her life story with Monique and ensure that her true love was never forgotten.

"The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo" is a captivating tale of love, ambition, sacrifice, and the price of fame. It explores themes of identity, sexuality, and the complexities of relationships.

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