As You Like It by William Shakespeare


"As You Like It" is a play written by William Shakespeare, believed to have been written in 1599 or early 1600. The play is a pastoral comedy, set in the Forest of Arden, and follows the story of Rosalind as she escapes persecution and falls in love with Orlando.

The play begins with Duke Frederick, the uncle of Rosalind, banishing her from the court. Rosalind, along with her cousin Celia, decides to flee to the Forest of Arden, disguised as a man named Ganymede and his sister Aliena, respectively. They meet various characters in the forest, including a shepherd named Silvius, who is in love with a shepherdess named Phebe, and a melancholy philosopher named Jaques, who delivers some of the most famous speeches in the play.

Meanwhile, Orlando, who is in love with Rosalind, also ends up in the Forest of Arden. He meets Rosalind, who is disguised as Ganymede, and the two begin a courtship, with Rosalind using her disguise as an opportunity to test Orlando's love for her. In the end, all of the characters are reunited, and there are multiple marriages, including that of Rosalind and Orlando.

"As You Like It" is known for its exploration of themes such as love, gender roles, and the nature of existence. It is also notable for its use of language, particularly in the character of Jaques, who delivers the famous "All the world's a stage" speech.

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