Water Softener Salt Composition

Salt to soften water Composition 

Water softening salt, also known as sun salt, is the purest form of salt. The salt is designed specifically for water softeners, and its purity prevents dirt or debris from contaminating the salt solution. Water softening salt, on the other hand, comes in large crystals and is more expensive due to the refining process.

Road salt

Outdoor salt is known as rock salt and is also known as sidewalk salt. Road salt is mostly unprocessed sodium chloride in its raw form. About 5% of road salt contains impurities such as clay or other minerals. Road salt in its purest form is used in cooking.

Difference between water softener salt and road salt

  1. Chemical composition

A key difference between water softening salt vs.  The chemical composition of road salt.  Both softening salt and road salt are made of sodium and chloride.  On average, water softener salt is 99% pure and road salt is 95% pure.  This is because softening salt contains no impurities, but road salt contains 5% impurities, including minerals and clay.

 2. Use of salt

Softening salt is made specifically for water softening devices used in swimming pools, while road salt is used to remove snow and ice.

  3. Use to remove snow.

Softening salt is made up of larger crystals, so the salt doesn't dissolve as quickly.  Using softener salt to remove snow or ice is not recommended because the undissolved minerals freeze quickly and can cause further problems.  Road salt is available in small crystals so it dissolves quickly, and the salt water helps lower the freezing temperature of snow and therefore helps remove snow and ice.

4. Price of salt

The process of softening salt makes it expensive and on the other hand road salt is less expensive than other salts.


Both water softening salt and road salt can be used to remove snow and ice.  Also, road salt should not be used as a substitute for softener salt because the softener will cause more problems with the equipment.  Perfect salt should only be used for specific tasks.  Canada Salt is a supplier of the purest form of salt for removing ice and softening water.  Contact us for more details.

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