The Proposal Anton Chekov Characters


She is an attractive young woman.She is smart about other things as well as good at homemaking.She is, however, also argumentative and frequently gets into small disagreements.She also longs for Ivan and is aware of her loneliness.

She is in love with him and wants to marry him.She fights with Ivan over ownership because she is proud of her dog and property.In the end, she admits her love for Ivan and dials back her pride.After their argument, they get married happily.


Stephan is an elderly individual who is extremely proud of his possessions.Because he has one unmarried daughter to care for, he is also a worried father.As he sees Ivan in the same social setting, he is excited about Ivan's match with her daughter.

He almost kills Ivan by making him faint during spells of rage and pride.However, in the end, he comes to the realization that he had made a mistake and asks Ivan to marry his daughter, promising to bless the young couple with a happy marriage.


 Ivan is a desolate individual who fervently desires happiness.He doesn't love Natalya, but he thinks she would make a good wife.He gives her credit for her appearance and homemaking abilities.

However, he takes a long time to make a straightforward proposal to her father and is unable to confess her desire to marry him.He eventually gets into small fights with his neighbors.

He even insults Natalya and her father, Stephan, the woman he wants to marry.Additionally, he has a weak heart and eventually passes out.He decides right away to marry Natalya when the doctor revives him.

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