Destan Episode 19 with Urdu & English Subtitles Watch Online

Destan Episode 19 with Urdu & English Subtitles Watch Online

Destan Episode 19 in Urdu & English Subtitles

"To save Batuga, we have to knock Ulu Ece down!"

Temur confronts his pain 
In Destan Episode 19 in Urdu Subtitles Akkız asks Alpagu Han to account for his vanished oba and Kün Ata, but Alpagu Han is unaware of anything. Will Akkız believe Alpagu Khan? When Akkız comes to save her mother, she cannot find Batuga. They start looking for Batuga and Tutkun and they find Tutkun's dead body. How will Temur face his great pain? 

What will be the new moves of Ulu Ece, who is cornerning? 

Akkız and her friends, who searched the whole forest, still could not reach Batuga. Akkız goes to Gök Saray and asks Alpagu Han for help! What will be the move of Ulu Ece in Destan Episode 19 in Urdu, who is concerning because of the alliance of Alpagu Han and Akkız? 

Balamir and Cholpan Khan wake up 

Balamir and Cholpan Khan, who were badly injured by Alpagu Khan, wake up and come to their senses. And Balamir, who survived Alpagu Khan's raid, tries to make Cholpan a partner in his vengeance, but finds Saltuk in front of him. What will be the side of Çolpan this time?

Episode 19 in Urdu Subtitles

Surprising offer from Alpagu Han to Akkız!
Caught between being a khan and being a father, Alpagu Han makes a decision and makes an offer to Akkız! What will be Akkız's response to this offer, which she was very surprised by? 

Is Batuga alive or dead? 

Akkız has difficulty in breathing and standing in the absence of Batuga. Batuga, who could not be found despite all the searches of Akkız and Alpagu Khan, who joined their forces, is he alive or dead? Who and why escaped Batuga after the attack in Destan Episode 19 in Urdu?

Destan Episode / Bolum 19 Short Review

We are seeing excellent scenes in Destan Episode 19 in Urdu Subtitles. These scenes are performed to perfection by the actors. Batuga's passage to the Mountain Throne vacated by Çolpan Han... ...and Akkız's entry into the Gök Saray to save his mother left their mark on the last episode. The mock funeral ceremony of Cholpan and Balamir showing them dead made Alpagu Khan pause for a moment. But this lie can come to light at any time. Most likely it will come out. Because Saltuk will tell Cholpan that the Mountain Khanate is falling apart in the new episode.

Episode 19 in English Subtitles

Cholpan already had the desire to take revenge on Alpagu Khan in Destan Episode 19 in Urdu. This demand will increase even more. Alpagu Khan, thinking that he had killed Cholpan Khan and Balamir after the raid,... ...went west of Gök Khanate and captured it. Alpagu, no longer trusting his son Kaya, wants to send Batuga there. But Akkız and Batuga have a different goal in mind: to unite all Turks and rule them. So you see, he won't want to rule a small principality. But Tutkun and Batuga attacked as you know. There is news that Tutkun died after this attack. Batuga, on the other hand, dragged away wounded.


Destan Episode 19 in Urdu Amazing Scenes

In the new episode, Kırçiçek will give this information to Akkız. It is very likely that Alaca, who claims to be Akkız's mother, has a finger in these facts. Alaca never felt like Akkız's mother. Don't you think there's something strange about the woman? Or is it really his mother? Günseli and Çalayır will continue to leak information from the Sky Palace. If you've noticed, the scenes in the Sky Palace have decreased considerably. 

Akkız in Destan Episode 19 in Urdu, who will go to the Sky Palace after Batuga's disappearance, ... ...will tell Alpagu that Batuga may be deadly and ask him for help. After Akkız enters the palace, ... ...he believes that Ulu Ece participated in this incident and will take her into account. Akkız will respond to Alpagu Khan's offer to settle in the Sky Palace after Batuga is found.

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