Destan Episode 14 with Urdu & English Subtitles - Watch Online

Destan Episode 14 with Urdu & English Subtitles - Watch Online

The new Destan Episode 14 in Urdu & English Subtitles hit the screen last night. Many viewers claimed that the previous episode of the series did not meet their expectations. In a very important part, a flashback was made showing what happened in the past. However, the new episode 14 of the series will be very exciting. We can clearly see this in the trailer.

Destan Episode 14 in Urdu Subtitles

Temur grabs Batuga's throat and reminds him that the penalty for lying to Khan is death. Batuga said angrily: “I need to know, Temur. That Alpagu Khan, who put a bowstring around my neck when I was a child,... ...will he take his son's life today? Or will you spare me?" he asks. Akkız is imprisoned. Akkız is very angry. Alpagu Han may know the truth in the next episode. Alpagu, who goes to Tılsım's grave,... ...takes off his crown and he puts it on Tılsım's grave,... ..."I wish you had shot him in the heart. I wish you had destroyed the Gök Khanate on my head.” In Destan Episode 14 in Urdu Subtitles, Bauga takes the grave grounds firmly in his hands and weeps. While Cholpan, who learns that Alpagu went to Tılsım's grave alone, tells this situation to Balamir.

Episode 14 in Urdu Subtitles

Balamir draws his sword. Yaman told Sırma and Tutkun, "It's the paw. He will come and save us too." Taizu, on the other hand, tells Akkız, "Either you die or you become our dog." Akkız, on the other hand , sticks to the answer: it's not a dog, it's a wolf, it's a Chinese. We don't sell our state even if we die. Hearing these words, Batuga smiles.

Destan Episode 14 in English Subtitles

We have prepared the new episode analysis of the Destan series for you in the most detailed way. In the new Destan Episode 14 in Urdu Subtitles, Batugan confidently shouted to his father, demonstrating that he would not die.  But there must be two reasons. But the first is how the talisman chick died and the grand ece's telling of the plans she made in the past. While the second is that he tells everyone the facts he knows, including the rock as a mystery cube. or with an unexpected surprise in our estimations, the cholpan chick can help her niece and save her from this situation.'' While after a few episodes, Batuga will now hold his sword and become a real gunslinger and regain his former health.

Episode 14 in English Subtitles

Destan Episode 14 Trailer 1 in Urdu Subtitles

In the Destan Episode 14 in Urdu Subtitles, what will Akkız and Batuga Tegin do in the face of Alpagu Khan's attack? Can they be saved? What is Batuga Tegin's plan? A very exciting episode awaits us next week. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel and like my video first. Alpagu Khan raided the hideout of Batuga Tegin and Akkız. But there is something he doesn't know. Batuga Tegin was already prepared for any attack. Alpagu Han: I need to know! But how dangerous is a person who deceives us by repressing their anger, pain and joy for 15 years? Did you know? A lot! I need to understand. Is there a rogue marauder hiding inside? Or a Khan born with a blood clot in the palm of his hand? Who threatens my throne? I need to know! Thanks to the traps placed by Batuga Tegin, they resist the attack. Batuga Tegin put his sword to Kaya Tegin's neck. Batuga Tegin: You know your silly son, but you don't know me!


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