Summary of WE Hickson's poem "Try Again"

Hickson, the artist has an extraordinary directive for us in verse. She says she's difficult. The way of life isn't pretty much as simple as we might suspect, and achievement anticipates just the individuals who don't lose heart in spite of the multitude of challenges in route. The artist reveals to us that steadiness brings marvels. Now and again we may fizzle in our undertakings yet our fortitude ought not be debilitated on the grounds that achievement anticipates us. Our initial not many endeavors won't work. It's anything but a shame to attempt over and over until we accomplish our objective. 

There are exercises for us inside and out of life whether it is an exercise of accomplishment or an exercise of rout. We should gain from our disappointments. Now and then it is hard to accomplish our objective yet the integrity of life is rarely lost. This is the account of the multitude of fruitful men who, eventually, got anything they desired. Along these lines, tolerance and expectation are the brilliant standard of our lives.

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