Summary of Dr. Hartmann's Poem "Peace."

Dr. Hartmann's poem "Peace" describes the two natural aspects of wind, storm and peace. For the first time, the poet described the cruel character of the wind. She says that in the event of a storm, the wind destroys everything. His wrath has affected beautiful buildings, trees and fields. It is the foundation of man's wonderful works. It destroys everything that falls within its limits. After a catastrophe, it spreads here and there by shaking the broken pieces together.

In the second level, the poet describes the sweet side of the wind. Here the wind has taken the form of a light breeze. The poet says that what she said earlier is not true. The reality of the wind is, in fact, in its softness and peace. It gives life to buds, birds and humans. The bright sky looks very blue and cloudy. There is peace everywhere. Only a faint faint faint faint sound can be heard in the distance.

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