What is Port? Explain Different Types of Ports in Computers

Ports are connectors used to associate outside links and gadgets to the motherboard. Is called Port. 

Coming up next are some normal kinds of ports. 

(I). Sequential Ports 

(ii). Equal Ports 

(iii). PS/2Port 

(iv). USB Port 

(v). Fire Wire Port 

(i) Serial Ports: 

A sequential port is a sequential correspondence actual interface through which data moves in or out the slightest bit at a time. These ports were utilized in old kinds of PCs to associate gadgets like modems. Sequential ports have 9 or 25 pins in which one pin is utilized for communicating information and the rest are utilized to send control signals. These ports are called COM 1(Component Object Model), COM 2 and COM 3. 

These ports have been supplanted with USB ports in current PCs. 

(ii) Parallel Ports: 

An equal port is an equal correspondence actual interface. It is otherwise called a printer port. Equal ports can send different pieces throughout a few wires all at once. These ports have 25 pins in which 8 pins communicate one byte of data and the others are utilized for sending control signals. Equal ports are named as LPT 1(line Print Terminal), LPT 2 and LPT 3. In today current PCs equal ports have been supplanted with USB ports. 

(iii) PS/2Port: 

The PS/2 connectors are utilized for interfacing console and mouse to an IBM viable PC. Its name comes from the IBM individual frameworks arrangement of PCs which were presented in 1987. The PS/2 mouse connector supplanted the more seasoned sequential mouse connector, while PS/2 console connector supplanted the bigger console connector utilized in the IBM PC/AT plan. The purple PS/2 connector is utilized for console and green is utilized for mouse. 

(iv)USB Port: 

The USB allows fast sequential transmission between PC and gadgets. It maintains 12 Mbps speed movement of information. Up to 127 fringing devices, such as a mouse, console, scanner and printer, can be used with a lonely USB port.

(v) Fire Wire Port: 

Fire wire is a rapid port which is utilized to associate video gadgets, for example, camcorders, camcorders, and so on to the PC framework .fire wire port has four or six pins. In a six pins association, 2 additional pins are utilized to give electric force. PCs 4-pin fire wire port since they don't give electric capacity to gadgets associated with it.

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