Explain the Advantages and Disadvantages of Flash Memory and Memory Cards

Flash Memory

Flash memory is a non-unstable memory that deletes information in squares rather than each byte in turn. 

A square put away on a blaze memory chip should be eradicated before information can be composed, or modified, to the central processor. 

Numerous cutting edge PCs have their BIOS put away on a glimmer memory chip so it can without much of a stretch be refreshed if fundamental. 

Streak memory is an uncommon sort of EEPROM that is utilized in USB streak drives, memory cards and MP3 players for capacity and move of information among numerous electronic gadgets. 

A Universal Serial Bus(USB) Flash Drive: 

USB is a little, versatile gadget that connects to PCs USB port. 

Like a Hard plate streak drive stores data, yet with a blaze drive client can undoubtedly moves data starting with one PC then onto the next. 

USB streak drives come in various sizes and shapes and can hold gigabytes of data. 

USB streak drives are likewise called pen drives, key chain drives, key drives, and memory keys. 

Points of interest Of Flash Memory: 

(I) Flash is more strong than CD and DVD. 

(ii). Flash Memory is more affordable than Hard circle. 

(iii). Flash Memory is extremely conservative and can store enormous measure of information in a little space. 

(iv). Streak Memory is a lot faster than Hard circle or DVD. 

(v). Streak Memory burns-through less force than different sorts of capacity media. 

Disadvantages Of Flash Memory: 

(I). Streak Memory is more costly than CD or DVD. 

(ii). Streak Memory can undoubtedly be lost. 

(iii). Most Flash drives don't have a compose assurance instrument. 

(b).Memory Cards: 

A Memory Cards is a little stockpiling gadget used to store information, for example, text, picture, sound and video. 

it is utilized in numerous electronic gadgets like ,Mobile phones,MP3 players, PCs and advanced cameras. They are exceptionally compact and can hold effectively hold for quite a long while. 

Points of interest Of Memory Card: 

(i).Memory card are a lot lighter, more modest and minimized with huge capacity limit. 

(ii). Memory Card are profoundly versatile and can undoubtedly be utilized with various electronic gadgets. 

(iii). Memory Card burns-through less force. 

(iv). Memory Card come on the whole kinds of sizes. The 64 GB SD card is most basic one. 

Drawbacks Of Memory Card: 

(i).Memory Card can break without any problem. 

(ii). Memory Card can be lost or lost. (iii). Memory Card might be defiled. 

(iv). Memory Card now and again work gradually

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