Vitamin D Benefits for Health // Deficiency Symptoms and Treatment

Importance of Vitamin D for Health

Vit D, along with calcium, helps to grow bones and keep bones strong and stable. Osteoporosis can be caused by a loss of bones, lack of bone weight. Vit D also protects you from rickets, a soft bone condition. Calcium by liver, intestines, or bones passes through the parathyroid glands. When calcium is absorbed improperly or vitamin D is reduced, para thy glands blast calcium out of the skeleton such that calcium is kept to the normal blood size. The activity of vit D allows the optimal intake of calcium from the diet.

How does a vitamin D deficiency affect your health?

Sufficient vitamin D will also help protect you from the following diseases and potentially help you to recover. The following words may be:
High heart disease and hypertension.
Toxins in the immune system.
Drop among the elderly.
Any cancers, including cancer of the liver, lung and breast.
Multiple sculpture.

Gaining Sources of Vitamin D

Major source of gaining vitamin is sun. You can gain 95 % vit D from sun light other 5 % sources diet and and supplements.

Causes of Deficiency

Unique medical disorders, including cystic fibrosis and Crohn's disease can be a source for vitamin D deficiency. Lower levels of vitamin D are correlated with a body mass index higher than 30. In obese people who require higher doses of vitamins, a vitamin D deficiency is more likely. Operations to lower the weight of stomach and/or bypass part of the small intestines make intake of adequate calories, vitamins and minerals impossible.

Their Way of Treatments

The treatment of this include UVB exposer oral medications and some diet include beef liver mushrooms and fish like salmon mackerel tuna. 

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