I Hate Computer Science

What makes learning computer science so challenging? the repetitiveness and complexity. Although it is a creative art, understanding it requires extensive mathematical knowledge. Additionally, computers are extremely stupid. Additionally, you must pay attention to even the tiniest details because you must instruct them. The fact that you must complete all of this repetitive work while attending school is even worse.

Compilers are complicated Many people believe that most IT jobs necessitate a computer science degree, but this is not actually the case. Many people lack the education necessary to communicate with computers, despite the expanding field of computer science. Organizations are being held back by this lack of experience. The majority of industries require some level of computation, which is the new currency. However, domain experts must play telephone because they do not speak the language of the machine. On the other hand, developers must translate the documents they receive from domain experts into machine-readable form.

A computer scientist's work is extremely rewarding, despite having one of the most challenging degrees in history. Despite the long hours, high contact hours, and rigorous exams, computer science has more to offer than most people realize. You learn how to program computers and how to solve mathematical problems at the same time. Making code that works and solves problems in the real world is an art. Sadly, however, the rewards of this career are not as appealing as they may appear at first for many.

Programming is a creative art form Many people perceive programming as a technical process. Because programming is an art, it requires creativity. The human mind must be involved in the process of computation, even though it is precise and the result of a machine. Because it involves fixing and debugging processes, programming is also a creative endeavor. Let's say you're drawn to logic, puzzles, and being curious. If that's the case, you may be a good fit for this job.

Even though you can learn to program by watching other people, nothing beats working through a problem on your own. Resolving a problem or error is the most satisfying aspect of programming. In most cases, you'll feel more satisfied with the error the more complex it is. But if you don't like programming, it can be frustrating. You will be dissatisfied and frustrated for a long time. During programming, you can sit more comfortably by using a standing table.

Coding an animation or video game is another excellent method for creative art creation. For instance, glitches that are visually stunning in a heavily modified version of the 1980s video game Breakout are possible. Coding in a creative way isn't just for games; It can also be used to create audiovisual presentations, art installations, and even prototypes for products. Programs for creative expression that make use of symbols and images are among the most well-liked.

Although programming may appear to be a straightforward discipline based on logic, it is actually a creative form of logic. Programming a software application can be done in a number of different ways, and each programmer will code differently. Understanding the relationship between a program's output and the process is essential. This is due to the fact that programming is a logic-based art. Because every programmer is unique in addition to their logic, it is essential to respect each other's processes and decisions.

The skills one acquires will have a significant impact on their future as a programmer. Nevertheless, it is also a creative profession. New programs are like a blank canvas in the creative field of computer science, and various programming languages are the paintbrushes. You will have the opportunity to create something from nothing as a programmer. The creative process of creation has numerous advantages for many people.

Creative programming is accessible everywhere because coding is prevalent. One artist who uses Google Maps and machine learning to create art is Zach Lieberman. He asks viewers to draw shapes on the screen, and then he uses optimization algorithms, card power, and machine learning to turn those shapes into actual spaces on Earth. This is not a simple procedure. However, the rewards are worth it in the end! Additionally, it is essential to comprehend that creativity differs across industries.

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