How Many Moons Mars Does Have

Mars is one of the biggest talking points in the space community—but what's going on with its moons?  Here's a closer look at Mars' little friends.
Did you know that, in addition to being a dry, stony planet, Mars also has a number of moons that are imprisoned in its orbit? Our solar system is an incredibly interesting system. It is the only solar system known to support life, with the Sun at its centre and eight separate planets orbiting it. There is no denying that our solar system is unique, despite the fact that it is simply a tiny speck in the Milky Way and an even smaller component on the scale of the entire cosmos.

Mars is one of the planets that contributes to the Solar System's uniqueness. Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun and a popular destination for astronomers and scientists on Earth. It may be a dry and barren environment today, but evidence suggests it was once a thriving water source (and potentially ancient life). Because of this heightened interest, Mars is frequently in the spotlight within the space community. There are currently multiple robots exploring the planet, plans to send the first humans there within the next decade, and ongoing research to eventually turn it into a habitable home.

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