History and Traditional Systems of Medicine - Natural Products Use as a Medicine

History of Pharmacognosy

The word "pharmacognosy's" is derived from two Greek words, "pharmakon", which means drug, and "gnosis", which means knowledge.
It is defined as the study of the physical, chemical, biochemical, and biological properties of drugs, drugs of natural origin. In other words, it is also described as the study and research of raw drugs.
Although most pharmaceutical studies focus on plants and plant-derived medicines, other types of organisms are also considered to be pharmacologically interesting, in particular, a variety of microbes (bacteria, fungi, etc.), and Recently, various marine organisms.

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Sushrutha : He orchestrated 760 spices in 7 unmistakable sets dependent on a portion of their basic properties. A huge populace of India even today rely upon the Indian arrangement of medication contributed by him. 

Hippocrates : Due to his huge commitment on the field of unani medication and unrefined medications , this person is nicknamed as the "FATHER OF MEDICINE". 

Aristotle : He affected the Arabic arrangement of medication and contributed a ton to it. He was nicknamed as the "Principal TEACHER". His perspectives on normal science are still critical to current clinical experts. 

Benefactors in Pharmacognosy 

Dioscordies : He was an Arabian doctor and furthermore contributed a great deal to the Arabian arrangement of medications. Great amount of progress was made during his lifetime. 

Galen : He was known to have had various agony diminishing materials , remembering opium for his pharmacist. All through this period, the utilization of natural concentrates for therapeutic purposes never lost its place. 

Swede Linnaeus : He was an incredible drug specialist and he arranged the plants, presented the arrangement of naming the plants known as the binomial framework is as yet followed.

Traditional Medicine

The speculation incorporates two distinct frameworks, the yin and yang hypothesis. 

It says that everything in the universe comprises of a dull( yin) and light( yang ). 

There are five components of this framework – water, metal, earth, fire and wood. 

Some of the significant medications are Panax ginseng

Ephedra sinica . 

The yin and yang hypothesis 

Ayurveda – The Indian System of Medicine 

Composed of five essential components – space, air, energy, fluid and strong. 

They exist in the human body like vata(space and air), pitta(energy) and kapha(liquid and strong). 

These three together are known as the Tridosha. 

Some significant medications are Cassia angustifolia , Piper longum. 

Bach Flower Remedies 

This framework had been found by Edward Bach. 

These cures are set up from blossoms of wild plants, shrubs or trees. 

This framework changes the perspective by releiving it from stress. 

The drugs are readied from chikory, wild rose. 

Bach Flower Remedies 

Unani System of Medicine 

Based on the Hippocratic hypothesis of four humors and the Pythagorian hypothesis of four general characteristics. 

The Greek thoughts were put by Arabian doctors 

as seven working principles (Umur – e-Tabia ). 

This frameworks targets treating the reason for infection and not its manifestations. Eg, Madar, Kabab chini and so on 

Naturopathy and Yoga 

It is an arrangement of medication dependent on the laws of nature. 

This incorporate actual exercise, examination , 

meditation, samadhi. 

This likewise incorporates hydrotherapy, showers, mud packs, rub and so forth 

Homeopathic System of Medicine 

This arrangement of medication had been created by Samuel Hahnemann – a German doctor. 

This arrangement of medication utilizes an idea of prover and 


The drugs are removed in mother color, at that point additionally weakened as far as decimal potencies. 

Viz- Arnica, Lycopodium, Nux – vomica. 

Siddha System of Medicine 

The term ,"Siddha" means achievement. 

This framework is rehearsed through bhakti and yoga. 

The writing of this framework is generally in tamil. 

Viz-Papaver somniferum , Strychnos nuxvomica 

Fragrant healing 

Besides these frameworks of meds , another framework likewise influences, which is known as Aromatherapy. 

The treatment is finished by applying various oils of regular cause. 

They are either rubbed into the skin or taken as a bath. 

They are utilized to treat skin issues, migraine ,stress, sleep deprivation and so on 

Viz-calendula, juniper, lavender, sandalwood and so forth 


The historical backdrop of home grown drugs is just about as old as human civilizations. The records large numbers of which are of extraordinary vestige, uncovered that the plants were utilized therapeutically in China, India, Egypt and Greece long ago. The people have all the earmarks of being tormented with a bigger number of illnesses than some other creature species. Thus, it is a lot of clear that he will looked to mitigate his sufferings from infections by using plants present in nature or by using the knowledge of Pharmacognosy.

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