Cosmetics and Classification of Cosmetics - Cosmeceutical Products

It is derived from the Greek word "kosmetics" which means "adorn". Cosmetics can be defined as any article aimed at spraying, pouring, spraying, spraying on the human body to promote cleanliness, beauty, beauty, attractiveness or change the appearance of the body.



Cold cream is a W/O type emulsion which creates a cooling impact on application to skin because of moderate dissipation of water present in it. Cold cream is for the most part utilized in winters. It is delivered by saponification response between honey bees wax and borax. Borax responds with free unsaturated fats of honey bees wax and structure cleanser which goes about as emulsifier for readiness of cream.


1.Melt the white honey bees wax and fluid paraffin up to 70˚c on a water shower to acquire a liquefied mass. 
2.Dissolve the borax in cleansed water and warmth it up to same temperature as that of liquefied mass. 

3.Then add this fluid arrangement in softened mass drop by drop with constant mixing. 

4.Stir ceaselessly until temperature comes to underneath the 30˚c or it gets cool. 

5.Then add scent and blend consistently until a homogeneous item is structure.

Vanishing Cream

The vanishing cream is an o / w type emulsion, which, when applied to the skin, removes it and leaves an almost invisible layer on it. That is why it is called vanishing cream. The layer after application serves as the basis of facial makeup. The main ingredients in the finished creams are stearic acid, alkali and water. Citric acid gives cream the shape of pearls. Soap is made by the reaction between citric acid and alkali which acts as an emulsifier for the preparation of creams.


1. Melt the stearic corrosive on water shower at 70˚c. 

2. Dissolve the potassium hydroxide in cleansed water, add glycerin to it. 

3. Heat this watery arrangement on water shower at 70˚c. 

4. Then add this watery answer for the liquefied stearic corrosive drop by drop with consistent blending. 

5. Stir consistently until temperature came to underneath than 30˚c. 

6. Then add aroma and blend well until a homogenous item is structure. 

Assessment boundaries: 

1. pH assurance 

2. Visual review 

3. Spreadability 

4. Rheological examinations 

5. Skin aggravation test 

6. Stability examinations 

7. Thermal conduct 


These are the restorative arrangements used to forestall or limit the unsafe impacts of the sun oriented radiations on the skin. It is an effective technique for ensuring the skin against UV radiations. 


Dynamic fixings: 

These are named natural and inorganic synthetic substances. 

Natural synthetic substances: 

These specialists ingest bright light. These specialists incorporate cinnamates, PABA, salicylates, benzophenones, camphor subordinates and so on Cinnamates, PABA, salicylate and camphor subsidiaries are for the most part UVB safeguards while benzophenone, anthranilates and so on are UVA safeguards. 

Inorganic synthetic compounds: 

These specialists reflect, dissipate and retain UV light. These specialists incorporate titanium dioxide, zinc oxide or mix of both. These are by and large utilized in mix with natural synthetics. 


It is a restorative planning which is utilized to eliminate or clean the earth, oil, or some other pollutant from the hair shaft without causing the unfavorable impact. 

Prerequisite of an ideal cleanser: 

It should eliminate earth, soil, greasy material, sebum emitted from the hair and scalp. 

It ought to give adequate radiant to the hair after use. 

It ought to give adequate aroma to the hair after use. 

It ought to be effectively eliminate from the hair with water. 

It should create adequate froth in hard and delicate water. 

It should make the hair delicate and glossy. 

It ought to be non-poisonous and non-aggravation. 



These are utilized in shampoos to clean the soil, dust, oil and so forth from the hair shaft and scalp. These make up the 10-15% of the complete definition. These are additionally called as surfactants. Model: Sodium lauryl suphate (SLS), Polyethylene glycol and so forth 

Frothing specialists: 

These are other kind of surfactant utilized in shampoos to deliver the froth in adequate sum. Model: Lauramide DEA. 


These specialists are included shampoos to expand the thickness of the shampoos. Model: Methyl cellulose, Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose and so forth 

Molding specialists: 

These specialists are utilized to improve the state of the hairs or to give perfection and delicate quality to the hair. Model: Lanolin, egg yolk, Dimethicone, Quaternium 80 and so forth 

Sequestering specialists: 

These specialists are added to forestall the statement of calcium, magnesium salts present in water by complex development. Model: EDTA. 


These specialists are added to forestall or repress the development of microorganisms in the shampoos. Model: Phenylmercuric nitrate, Methyl paraben, Benzoic corrosive and so on 

Antidandruff specialists: 

These specialists are added to forestall the development of scales on the skin under the hair. Model: Cetrimide, Benzalkonium chloride and so forth 

Shading specialists: 

These are added to give the ideal tone to the shampoos. Model: Tartrazine yellow 


These are added to give scent to the cleanser. Model: Lavender oil, Jasmine oil and so forth 

Assessment of cleanser: 

Visual review: 

The readied cleanser is outwardly reviewed for assurance of lucidity, frothing capacity and ease. 

pH assurance: 

The pH of 10% arrangement of arranged cleanser in refined water is controlled by computerized pH meter at room temperature. 

Test for frothing characteristics: 

A fixed volume of arranged cleanser arrangement and standard cleanser is taken into two unique chambers and shaken for 5 minutes. The froth volume is estimated and the rate at which froth breakdowns is noted. At that point arranged cleanser is contrasted and standard cleanser. 

Assurance of percent of strong substance: 

4 grams of arranged cleanser is put in cleaned, dried chine dish and set on hot plate until fluid gets vanished. At that point weight of cleanser in the wake of drying is rechecked. 

Wetting test: 

Water is taken in an estimating chamber and arranged cleanser arrangement is taken into another chamber. The gauged measure of cotton is set in both chamber and time taken to sink the cotton in base is noted. The time taken for sink the cotton in water might be over 8 hours however it might sink inside couple of moments in cleanser arrangement because of quality of cleanser. 

Surface strain estimation: 

Surface strain of arranged 10% cleanser arrangement is estimated utilizing the stalagmometer. 

Eye aggravation test: 

About 1% arranged cleanser arrangement is applied into the eyes of pale skinned person bunnies and changes like redness, patches and so on are noted in the eye of bunny. 

Security examines: 

Strength investigations of arranged cleanser is completed by putting it at raised capacity conditions 45°c and 75% RH for a very long time and at each multi month it is examined. 


These are the specialists which are utilized to clean the open surfaces of the teeth with the assistance of the tooth brush. These might be therapeutic or non-restorative. These are accessible in powder and glue structure and by and large tooth glue is utilized. 



These are the specialists which are added to clean the surfaces of teeth or to eliminate plaque, flotsam and jetsam and so forth from the teeth. These are additionally called as cleaning specialists. These are significant piece of any dentifrices and comprise around half of a plan. Model: Calcium carbonate, Di calcium phosphate dihydrate, Calcium pyrophosphate, sodium metaphosphate and so forth 


These are included dentifrices to give froths in adequate sum during use. Model: Sodium lauryl sulfate. 


These specialists are added to tie different elements of the tooth glue. Model: Tragacanth, Methylcellulose, thickener, Carboxymethylcellulose and so forth 


These are included definition to forestall the dryness of the tooth glue or to keep up the dampness of the tooth glue. Model: Glycerin, sorbitol and so forth 


These specialists are included detailing to give pleasantness to the definition. Model; Sodium saccharine, sucralose and so on These are for the most part utilized at fixation beneath 0.5%w/w. 

Shading specialists: 

These are included definition to give wanted tone to the detailing, Whiteness is accomplished by utilization of titanium dioxide, while fake tones are utilized at concertation beneath 0.1%w/w. 


These are included definition to forestall o repress the development of microorganisms. Model: Methyl paraben, Sodium benzoate and so on in focus under 0.1%w/w. 


These are included detailing to give aroma or to cover the undesirable smell of surfactant and to give invigorating taking in mouth. Model: Mint flavor, menthol at centralization of 0.3-2%w/w. 


It is included definition as a vehicle or dissolvable or to scatter different elements of the detailing. 


. Ingredients Quantity 

1 Calcium carbonate        56g 

2 Sodium lauryl sulphate 1g 

3 Glycerin                         22g 

4 Gum tragacanthin         1.5g 

5 Water                         19.4ml 

6 Saccharine sodium        0.1gm 

7 Flavor                       q.s. 

8 Preservative                q.s. 

Actual assessment: 

Shading, smell, taste and so forth of the readied plan are analyzed by visual examination. 


The pH of 10% arrangement of arranged definition in refined water is controlled by advanced pH meter at room temperature 


Take modest quantity of readiness in estimating chamber and note its underlying volume. At that point shake it for multiple times and again note the volume. 

Spread ability: 

The readied tooth glue is put between two glass slides. The upper glass slide is movabe and lower glass slide is fixed. A fixed weight is added to upper slide to slide the slide over the lower slide and the weight needed to move the upper slide over the lower slide having planning. 

Assurance of unpredictable matter: 

Take 5gm of plan in chine dish and warmth it in hot air stove at 105°c and afterward figure it utilizing the equation: 

by mass= Loss of mass on drying 

Initial mass of material 

Security examines: 

Strength investigations of plan is completed by putting it at raised capacity conditions 45°c and 75% RH for a very long time and at each multi month it is assessed. 


•Lipstick is a corrective arrangement which is utilized to give an appealing tone, reflexive and wet appearance to the lips. 

•These are fundamentally scatterings of shading matter in a base having mix of oils, waxes reasonably perfumed, shaped as a stick. 

Fundamental qualities: 

A lipstick ought to have following qualities: 

It should cover the lips appropriately with some sparkle and keep going for long time. 

It should make the lips delicate. 

The film should cling to the lips without being fragile or hard. 

It ought to have high maintenance of shading force with no adjustment in shade of shading. 

It ought to be non-poisonous and free from grittiness. 

It ought to be non-aggravating to the lips. 

It ought to be non-drying. 

Plan of lipstick: 

A lipstick has following fixings: 

1. Wax blend 

2. Oil blend 

3. Bromo blend 

4. Colors 

5. Preservatives, fragrance, surfactant and so on 

Wax blend: 

Wax is utilized to give hardness and reflexivity to the lipstick. It relies upon trademark and amount of waxes utilized. A combination having waxes of various liquefying focuses is utilized for lipstick. Different waxes utilized are: 

1. White honey bees wax 

2. Canella wax 

3. Carnauba wax 

4. Ozokerite wax 

5. Ceresin wax 

6. Cetyl liquor 


A combination of oil is utilized to mix waxes appropriately to give a reasonable film on the lips.

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