Top 5 educational Games for Kids Best Games for Your Child

Childhood is an important part of human development. This is when you first introduce yourself to a lot of new information. As such, parents really like to teach their children about things that are fun to play. As such, most children's games for Android are educational. Here are the best educational Android games for kids.

Code Stark Academy is a children's game with some real educational value. It helps children learn the basics of coding in simple counting games. You would think that this game is for older children, but it seems that elementary school children will work well with it. Basically, if they're old enough to play mini-craft, they're old enough to play it. The game also features daily rewards for completing puzzles, three profiles for each game download (for people with more than one child), and no ads or in-app purchases.

Duck Duck Moss is another developer in Google Play, a collection of Android games for kids. Some of the best sports include fish school, duck duck mouse reading, and mouse math. Sports have educational materials that are named after them. As such, sports help children read, teach basic math, and Fish School focuses on colors, shapes, problem solving, and more. As far as we can tell the games are all free so this is a good budget option for parents too.

By comparison, Khan Academy Kids is one of the most advanced Android games for kids. This is through Khan Academy, which is famous for its free learning platform for adults. The children's version features a variety of mini-games that teach a set of subjects, including reading, literacy, language, math, logic and expression. The app is completely free without purchases, ads, or subscriptions and helps parents make attractive choices. This is mostly for indirect or first graders. That way, the games are fairly simple.

Masha and the Bear is actually an old game version of a Russian TV show of the same name. Google Play has two Masha and Beer games and both have educational significance. The first game consists of 13 small games in which children between the ages of two and nine have learning experience. The second game is mostly an interactive puzzle game. They are both very popular and people seem to like them.

Star Falls is a free public service that helps children learn to read. The app basically does the same thing. There are a variety of games that help children learn to read, understand, read and write, and so on. If you have a tablet or computer, the official website also has a lot of content. The free version gives you some basic content. There are different levels of subscription if you want something more advanced. Home membership is cheaper at س 35 per month. More expensive levels are for teachers and schools.

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