What is means by secondary storage devices? Also explain the Difference between Sequential Access and Random Access.

Secondary storage devices

Auxiliary storage gadgets are utilized to store information forever. Optional capacity gadgets are gadgets in which data can be put away and recovered. Data can likewise be erased. These are called optional capacity gadgets. 



Hard Disk Drive 



Blue Ray Disk 

Flash Memory 

Memory Cards 

The fundamental highlights of secondary storage gadgets are: 

(I). Sound storage is temperamental in light of the fact that information isn't lost when force is cut off. 

(ii). The limit of secondary stockpiling gadgets is high. It goes in terabytes. 

(iii). Auxiliary stockpiling is more savvy than focal memory. 

(iii). Auxiliary stockpiling is reusable as it can eradicate and store information at whatever point the client needs it. 

(iv) Secondary stockpiling relying upon their attributes, they are irregular and arbitrary or direct access. 

Sequential Access Storage: 

It is a capacity framework where information is put away and perused and is direct or successive. A run of the mill illustration of this kind of capacity is a sound/video tape. The fundamental bit of leeway of irregular access memory, contrasted with arbitrary access memory, is that it is typically less expensive to deliver. The primary downside of this kind of memory is that it requires some investment to genuinely get to information specifically. Attractive tape is an illustration of a successive memory gadget. 

Direct Access Storage: 

Direct access stockpiling is likewise called arbitrary access stockpiling framework where information is put away and perused straightforwardly from capacity gadgets .Direct access is more effective than admittance to arrangement. In direct access stockpiling gadgets, for example, attractive plates, information sections are put away in exact areas, empowering the PC to recover data straightforwardly without checking a progression of records. The solitary disadvantage is that these gadgets are more costly than they used to be. Basic instances of this kind of capacity are hard circles and smaller plates.

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