What is Internet? Write the Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet

The Internet is the world's biggest organization associating PCs in various pieces of the world. The Internet has profoundly affected society. The Internet gives data and administrations, just as the capacity to speak with individuals around the planet in an assortment of ways. These reach from notice sheets and talk rooms to voice and video conferencing. 

The Internet grows new ways for residents to impart, gather and offer data. Unmistakably the Internet is changing the way we live and will keep on doing as such. 

All things considered, the Internet is influencing the existences of such countless individuals in such countless energizing, energizing and testing ways. 

Advantages of Internet 

  1. It gives data on each part of life. 
  2. You can profit by reference books and word references with the assistance of web. 
  3. You. You get the data you need through the web. 
  4. It. It orchestrates with the entire world and its inclinations. 
  5. It. It assists with trading thoughts with similar individuals. 
  6. The Internet brings the world nearer. 
  7. The recent development can be found utilizing the Internet. 
  8. legislative issues. Any theme identified with legislative issues, style, science, and so forth can be investigated utilizing the web. 

Disadvantages of Internet 

The understudy burns through his valuable time sitting on the web with no sure and productive advantage. 
The vast majority utilize the web to satisfy their negative cravings. 
Web. Grown-up substance is promptly accessible on the Internet that sabotages the virtues ​​of young men and young ladies. 
PC. PC hacking is extremely regular with the utilization of the web. Some brilliant individuals can process cash utilizing the Visas of others. 
The Understudies burn through their time conversing with one another. 
Numerous hours on the Internet with no reason can negatively affect an individual. 


A compiler is a complex system of software that automatically converts a program written in a higher level language into an equivalent lower level machine language. The compiler or language processor converts the entire program into machine code before execution. A program written by a programmer in a language other than machine language is called a source program. The output from a compiler or collector, which contains machine language instructions, is called an object program.


An interpreter is another type of translator who converts every statement of a program written in a high-level language into machine code and executes it before translating the next statement of the source program. This is different from a compiler that translates an entire source program into an object program without implementing it.

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