Discuss Different Types of Expansion Cards with Full Detail

Extension Card are circuit sheets which are embedded into development spaces on the motherboard .is called Expansion Cards. 

Four normal sorts of development cards are: 

(i).Sound Card (ii).Video Card (iii).Modem Card 

(iv).Network Interface Card 

(i)Sound Card: 

Sound Card otherwise called a sound card is an inner extension card that encourages the information and yield of sound signs to and from a PC. A sound card plays voice just as music records, and can deal with different sound document designs. The ordinary sound card has an interface accessible at the rear of the PC with different information and yield ports. 

(ii)Video Card: 

A video card otherwise called video connector, realistic quickening agent card, show card or illustrations card is an extension card whose capacity is to create yield pictures to a presentation unit. A few cards contain double CPUs for extra execution. Since realistic cards buckle down they produce heat. Consequently most superior video cards use worked in fans or warmth sinks to pull heat away from the CPU. 

(iii)Modem Card: 

The term modem is gotten from modulator and demodulator. The principle motivation behind modem is to change over computerized information into simple signs prior to sending it over the transmission line and convert it to advanced sign on the getting PC. 

(iv)Network Interface Card: 

A NIC otherwise called network interface regulator, network connector and LAN connector is PC equipment segment that associate a PC to a PC organization. normally NIC is introduced as extension card in the development space, however most current PCs have inherent organization interface cards on the motherboard.

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