Sex inversion in Fish or Sex Reversal In Different Types Of Fishes

▉ Presentation 

In the beginning times of fish life, the sex of fish can't be separated either into male or female. Hormones are in charge of the normal separation of tissue into testis and ovaries. Sex inversion in fish has been accomplished the two different ways from male to female and from female to male. 

▉ What is sex? 

Hereditary sex is the harmony among androgens and estrogens. More prominent centralization of androgens instigates the male attributes and extreme estrogen focus prompts femaleness. 

▉ Sex inversion 

The difference in sex from either male to female or from female to male is called sex inversion, which can be accomplished by applying some ecological or compound control before the phenotypic sex has been characterized. 

▉ Why sex inversion is prompted? 

Sex inversion is prompted for the better development pace of specific sex, which returns more benefit for the ranchers. For instance the male tilapia has more prominent development rate than female tilapia. So as to get all male tilapia sex inversion strategy has served the ranchers to an enormous degree to get all male stock. 

▉ Clarification of sex inversion term 

Despite the fact that it is regularly alluded to as sex inversion, hormonal treatment does not modify the genotype of the fish but rather coordinates the declaration of the phenotype. A treated populace might be phenotypically however hereditarily will have continued as before decided right now of preparation 

▉ Sex inversion may likewise be initiated to:- 

anticipation of gifted development and uncontrolled propagation (e.g., in tilapia) 

The longing to cultivate monosex populaces because of contrasts in development rate and financial estimation of the genders (e.g., tilapia, shrimp) 

Lessening the effect of phenotypic sex on item quality (e.g., Atlantic salmon, clams) 

Expanding strength of mating frameworks (e.g., sex change in groupers) 

Ecological and additionally licensed innovation insurance (e.g., non-indigenous species, or hereditarily improved strains). 

▉ How sex inversion is incited? 

Temperature incited sex inversion 

Hormone treated sex inversion 

▉ Temperature incited sex inversion 

A few teleosts animal varieties show temperature ward sex separation. 100% atherinid female fish were acquired when adolescent were moved to colder water at about temperature of 13 – 19 degree Celsius and 100% male were gotten when presented in hotter water around 29 – 30 degree Celsius. Temperature incited sex inversion is helpful when contrasted with hormonal sex inversion. 

▉ Hormone treated sex inversion 

Methodologies of hormone treatment 

Direct methodology 

Circuitous methodology 

▉1. Direct methodology 

Mono sex populace created straightforwardly by hormonal treatment. 

▉2. Circuitous methodology 

In this methodology mono sex populace is gotten in two stages 

(I). Brood stock populace is built up by sex inversion 

(ii). these sex turned around individual are reared to deliver mono sex populace. 

Sex hormones utilized in sex inversion 

Androgens: 17 alpha methyl testosterone and 11-keto testosterone (for male populace) 

Estrogens: 17 Beta estradiol and Estrone (For female populace) 

▉ Masculinization 

Male tilapia develops quicker and jumper less vitality into generation. Steroids (lipids) have a few novel qualities influencing development and advancement. Steroids are known as androgens when they prompt male attributes and estrogens when incited female qualities. 

Physiological activities of androgens 

Improvement of male sex qualities 

Anabolic movement, animating protein amalgamation 

Assessment of androgen for sex inversion 

For sex inversion by oral organization of androgens, three criteria for determination of androgens are considered. 

Metabolic half life 

Androgenic quality 

Solvency in water 

▉ Testosterone emitted by human (male) regularly utilized as standard to assess the androgenic exercises of a steroid. It is incapable when given orally and has brief length when given by infusion because of hepatic digestion. 

▉ Manufactured androgens are favored over common since some can be managed orally and withstand catabolism in the gut. The substance structure, bonds and connected gatherings decide its viability. Assessment of characteristic androgens have given variable outcomes. 




Sex turned around 

1 Testosterone 1mg/L Bath Blue tilapia Minimal number turned around 

2 0.4 mg testosterone/L Tilapia 89% male 

3 Andreo testosterone 5 mg/L 


All male 

▉ May engineered androgens are additionally successful in modifying sex proportion of tilapia when connected as shower or blended in the feed. 




▉ Sex switched 

1 .17α-methyl testosterone 

Oreochromis mossambicus 

All male 

After the experimentation (MT) is usually utilized manufactured androgen for sex inversion in fish, in various species. 

▉ Non-Steroidal mixes 

Such mixes of non-steroidal nature which meddle steroid official or digestion are likewise utilized for sex control. In the occasions of gonadal diffentiation, adgorgenous androgens are aromatized into estrogen in Chinook salmon all male were acquired. 

Hindering of estrogen restricting locales 

By including tamoxifen (antiestrogne) in tilapia feed @ 100 mg/kg all guys are delivered. 

▉ Feminization 

Female tilapia are not favored for culture but rather feminization of hereditarily me Nile tilapia is utilized to shape all male tilapia through YY rearing. Feminization of homo hereditary male O.aureus to deliver useful females for mating with ordinary male to create all male posterity. 

Normal estrogens which are utilized for feminization are 

Estrone 2. 17β-estradiol 

Ethynlestradiol 2. Diethylstibestrol 

Manufactured are more powerful than regular estrogens when given orally, in light of the fact that their security in stomach related tract and liver. 

Sex inversion in female fishes is troublesome when contrasted with guys. The viability of engineered estrogens relies on species and the board conditions and turns around the sex upto 100%. Shower treatment of estrogens isn't connected on the grounds that it doesn't impact on sex of fish, it might likewise cause danger in the long run prompting mortality when 400 – 1000 ug/L utilized in O.aureus fry. 

▉ Sterilants 

Androgens and estrogens may likewise make harm fish gonads making it sterile. Stibestrol diphosphate at 50 ul/L crushes the gonads of O.aureus whenever treated for about fourteen days. 

▉ Method of activity of Hormones 

Sex inversion must be accomplished if treatment connected before gonadal separation starts. In recently brought forth fish primordial germ cells are found at the dorsal base of creating mesentery in the mesoderm, ventral to gut and in the endoderm cells of gut. The germ cell in the end relocates to gonadal area. Combined gonadal analgens are seen following 9-10 days of bring forth. There is a basic period for androgens and estrogens to impact on gonads to actuate sex inversion. 

▉ In O.niloticus adreosterone (androgen) impact is separated into 2 phases 

→Improvement of gonadal germ tissue is averted .

→Repopulation of testicular tissue by gonocytes.

Presentation of exogenous androgens cause total or halfway corruption of female gonocytes, presently gonads of hereditarily female fish are not equipped for creating such measure of estrogen which can deliver cogenesis, and the nonappearance of female hormones realize testicular advancement. It is just conceivable if treatment is given before the beginning of gonadal separation. 

▉ Variables influencing sex inversion 

→Size and time of fish
→Treatment length 

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