Kurulus Osman Episode 95 in Urdu & English Subtitles Watch Online

Kurulus Osman Episode 95 in Urdu & English Subtitles Watch Online

Kurulus Osman Episode 95 in Urdu & English Subtitles

  • Episode Title: Bolum / Episode 95
  • Release Date in English Subtitles:26th May, 2022 at 5am
  • Release Date in Urdu Subtitles: 26th May, 2022 at 7am
"We have only one arrow to shoot; Yenişehir..."

Osman Bey is now the dominant power in Bithynia

The conquest of İnegöl made a big impact in Anatolia and Constantinople. Osman Bey has now become the dominant power in Bithynia. Now Bursa is next. What kind of path will Osman Bey follow to open the way to Bursa?

The New Evil front against Osman Bey

As Osman Bey expanded his lands, the enemies also increased. Kostantiniyye, who was very uneasy with the conquest of İnegöl, now sees its own existence in danger. The Byzantine Emperor, who was preparing to form a strong army against Osman Bey, also started to form a new evil alliance against Osman Bey. The biggest part of this alliance will be the Mongolian Commander Cebe.

Cebe came to the border region as an ally to strengthen the evil alliance against Osman Bey. The Mongolian commander Cebe is preparing to play a game against Osman Bey.

Episode 95 in Urdu Subtitles

Barkin's new move

With the conquest of İnegöl, Barkın, who was a student of Master Arius, gains a new dimension in his hostility towards Osman Bey. What will be the next move of Barkın in this insidiously growing hostility? Osman Bey's enemies, who cannot digest the conquest of İnegöl, are making moves to disturb the peace of the people of İnegöl. How will Osman Bey eliminate these moves?

Çobanoğlu Ali Bey is coming to Kayı tribe

Çobanoğlu Bey Ali Bey, who received the news of Osman Bey's conquest, came to Kayı Obasi with his son Mustafa and Atabey Ahmet to celebrate Osman's conquest and show that they were with him. What kind of a game will Barkın, Romanos and Cebe be in, who want to make a difference between Osman Bey and Ali Bey? What measures will Osman Bey take against the alliance formed against him?

Bala Hatun's illness

Bala Hatun, who prepared the women for the conquest of İnegöl with training, is tired. Returning to Kayı Obası, Osman Bey received the news from his son Alaeddin that Bala Hatun was in the tent and was not looking well. Is Bala Hatun sick? Or is this disease a sign of great news?

What has happened so far in Establishment Osman, which has not fallen from the top of the ratings for 3 seasons? Are you ready for an honorable tour in glorious history? Here is the epic of Establishment Osman from yesterday to today.

Dundar Bey, who manages Kayı Obası in the absence of his brother, goes to visit Kulucahisar Tekfuru Yorgopolos with the people of the otağ and the gentlemen. Its purpose is to conclude a trade and security agreement within the framework of the relations established by Ertuğrul Bey. However, the friendship of Yorgopolos is not the only thing waiting for the Apricots here. An esoteric organization, disturbed by Tekfur's close relationship with the Turks, pushes the button for a bloody operation. Osman, who goes to the castle with his uncle Dündar Bey, spoils all plans with his heroism. What happened is the beginning of a dangerous adventure full of secret connections for Osman, Kayı's intrepid valiant.

Kurulus Osman Episode 95 in English Subtitles

Thinking that the murderers of Bamsı Bey's son Aybars are a treacherous network nested in the castle, Osman secretly enters the castle and makes a secret deal with Kulucahisar Tekfur, Yorgopolos, who is the only person he trusts in the castle. However, the corpse of the tekfur, who was killed right after this agreement, falls at the feet of Osman. Osman, who is after the murderers, comes face to face with the nuns who saved himself in the swamp.

Osman's path crossed with Bala Hatun, Gonca and Tursun Bey, disguised as a nun and priest, who had sneaked into the castle to find the murderer of his dear friend Aybars and to trace the murder of Tekfur. Trying to blame the murder they committed on Osman, Sofia and Kalanoz had Dundar Bey's daughter Aygül kidnapped and brought to the castle in order to reveal Osman, whom they were sure was in the castle, with a counter move. Dundar Bey, who took action with the news they received from Burçin, came to the castle by taking Bamsı and Samsa, two of the Kayı beys, with him.
By realizing his bloody plan, Yannis managed to raid the market by the lake and kidnap Edebalı's daughter. Using Catalan warriors as a subcontractor for this job, will Yannis be able to learn what he wants from Bala Hatun? Osman, on the other hand, punished Batur Alp, who kidnapped his prisoner Teokles, in the oba square. In return, he will be imprisoned in a caged tent. What will Osman do when he finds out about the market raid and the kidnapping of Bala Hatun in the caged tent?

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