Summary of WH Davies' poem "The Rain"

The poem "The Rain" was written by W. H. Davis, a great lover of nature. This poem describes the natural scene of rain. The rain falls on the thick leaves above. These thick leaves first drink rainwater and then pass after a drop of rainwater falls on the lower thin leaves. Tall leaves are a symbol of rich people who enjoy most of the blessings but give very little to the poor. The beating of the rain on the dense leaves of the tree produces soft music.

The poet is happy to hear this. In another position, the poet says that when the rain stops, the clouds will come out of the clouds. It will illuminate everything, including deep raindrops. Its light will spread evenly everywhere. It will make a beautiful and pleasant scene. Here the poet hopes that the day will come when the painful differences between the rich and the poor will end. Peace and equality will prevail in the society.

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