B.A Short Summary The Old man and the Sea in easy Wording

The story of the novel "The Old Man and the Sea" is about an old man. His name was Santiago. He was an experienced fisherman. They fished in the Gulf River off the coast of Cuba. He has not been able to catch a fish for the last 84 days. Other fishermen in the area called it "unfortunate." A little boy, Manolin, worked with him as an apprentice. His persistent failure to catch fish affected the minds of Manolin's parents. He instructed his son Manolin not to go fishing with the old man. Old Man had a great deal of patience and determination. On the fiftieth day he decided to go to sea for fishing. He hopes to catch some big fish.

The boy brought some fresh bits and some food for the old man to eat. He pushed Oldman's boat into the water and wished him "good luck". Oldman set out on his adventure early in the morning. Before sunrise he had reached the part of the ocean which the fishermen called the 'Great Well'. The old man had cut the sea into four pieces at different depths. The house of baits was at the depth of fifty Fathoms, the second was at the depth of seventy-five Fathoms, the third was at one hundred Fathoms and the fourth was at one hundred and twenty-five Fathoms

When the sun rose, the old man saw birds, small and large, hovering in the sky. . The Old Man stayed on the high seas for three days and three nights.

At noon on the first day, the deepest line fell and the old man felt that a large fish, the marlin, had been shaken. He tried to pull it off, but he couldn't. She wanted the boy to help her catch fish. Old Man competed with the big fish. Pulling and pressing on the line told the old man that the fish was too big.

The fish pulled the boat from different boats for three days and three nights. The next day, the old man got a chance to see a fish that jumped out of the water for air. The old man was standing in his place in the boat and he was sweating profusely. The fish showed no signs of panic. During the fight with the fish, his right hand was injured and his left hand was strained. He felt lonely. He promised Mary and Christ to ask for prayers beginning with the Word if he succeeded in killing the fish.

On the third day, at sunrise, the big fish looked tired. The fish started making circles. Sometimes, a big fish would come close to the boat and then it would disappear into the sea. Old Man continued. Bring Marilyn closer to her until she can touch the deck.

He gathered all his strength and put the harpoon on the fish's shoulder. Blood gushed out of his heart and he turned the sea water red. The old man estimated that the fish could weigh more than 1,500 pounds. With great difficulty and hardship he tied the fish to his boat. He set out to travel home. He felt that sharks would attack the big fish.

He was ready to fight the shark. An hour later, he saw a terrifying shark approaching the boat. He recognized her. The shark attacked the tail of the big fish and ate at least forty pounds of meat. The old man threw his harpoon into Mako's brain. The shark died suddenly and went to sea. In this fight, Oldman lost his rope as well as his harpoon.

Oldman was attacked by two more sharks. The old man identified the bull-nosed shark as galanos. He stabbed the shark and tied it to the end of his head. In the attack, they appeared to have eaten a fourth of the dead Marilyn's flesh. Just before sunset, two more sharks attacked the larger fish. The old man hit him on the head with his club and severely injured him.

They also ate large amounts of marlin fish at Old Man. At midnight, he saw the bright light of Havana. He was close to his destination. Then a pack of sharks attacked the fish. He picked up his club and beat them mercilessly. Some of the sharks went under the boat and tore the fish. The old man managed to kill them but at that time only the skeleton of the fish was left.

The old man took his boat to the foot of the cliff and tied it up. He was completely tired. When he came to his cottage, he took a glass of water from the jug and went to the sheep. In the morning, the boy went to his cottage. He was very sad to see this old man in such a condition. He began to cry Later, he went to the restaurant and brought coffee for the old man. The old man got up. He offered her coffee and comforted her.

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