Top 5 Educational and Informative Website for Kids and its Importance for Kids Learning

In a secure online world, your children will learn something new today. These 5 free websites for children are enjoyable, offering apps, printable games, videos and more online.


Online learning is on its own.

Students may slow down when learning a new concept or need extra time in practice, and will accelerate when they are comfortable with or mastering a subject.

Sophisticated online learning products can offer self-selected learning.

In traditional or older web-based products, the curriculum is developed in a linear style and does not allow students to make choices in the curriculum. A new generation of modern online educational games can enable children to skip topics they already know and focus on the content they are ready to learn. They provide the right level of education for the user.

With an internet connection, there are no geographical barriers.

Educational resources are available everywhere, so children can study at home or even away from home.

Learning happens when it's easiest.

Some kids like to jump online 15 minutes before school. It makes sense to do online activities for children while preparing dinner for other families. Children can learn at a time that best fits any day of the week, their own needs and their family's schedule.

Learning online enhances computer and internet skills.

Online skills such as access to information, communication, and collaboration are key to learning and success not only in school but also in life are necessary.

Top 5 Educational Websites

PBS Kids

Every educational program shows that you see your children on PBS. It has its own learning section through PBS card. Try playing longer songs, arranging and counting games, watching videos and more.

National Geographic for Kids

One of my fondest school memories is when we would watch National Geographic videos for what felt like hours. Even though I now realize that my teachers did this in order to take a break from dealing with insane children, I can’t help but hold National Geographic in a high regard for providing relevant and inspirational information via a kid-friendly format, and their website does this in spades. Nat Geo Kids uses tons of fun games, interesting videos, puzzles and cool photos to make the world feel like a smaller, exciting place.

Fun Brain

If you are just looking for a great store and a variety of fun games, introduce your kids to Funbrain. This website is full of games, jokes, reading tools and much more, each of which tends to be as entertaining as it is useful for learning.

Miss Spell Class

In some ways, it doesn't make sense to learn spelling better. You're really learning how to memorize the correct spelling, and it's more about memorization and destiny than acquiring a skill. That's why most websites that are spelled out are short. Kids aren't really learning - they're just memorizing. That's why people love the Miss Spelling class, an aspect of This is a common spelling test, but you don't have to actually spell anything. You go down the list of words and determine when something is misspelled. It can help children learn to read better.


Does your child like to read and watch the news? Developed by a San Francisco mother, this child-friendly news site is a great place for curious minds to see current events, especially articles written for younger audiences.

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