10th Class Chemistry Chapter 11 Easy Notes And Most Important Questions.....

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Q1: What is meant by the term Catenation?

 Give an example of a compound that displays catenation? Ans: “The self-linking property of carbon atoms through covalent bonds to form long straight or branched chains and rings of different sizes is called Catenation”. 
Example: - CH₃―CH₂―CH₂―CH₂―CH₃ 

Q2: How coal is formed? 

Ans: “Conversion of wood into coal is called carbonization”. Coal was formed by the decomposition of dead 

plants buried under the earth’s crust some 500 millions ago. It is a very slow biochemical process. It takes place 

in the absence of air under high pressure and high temperature. 

Q3: What is importance of natural gas? 

Ans: Importance of Natural Gas:- 

(a) It is used as fuel in homes and industry. 

(b) It is used as fuel in automobiles. 

(c) It is used to make carbon black. 

Q4: Justify that organic compounds are used as food?

Ans: The food we eat daily such as milk, eggs, meat etc. 

Q5: How alkyl radicals are formed? Explain with examples. 

Ans: An alkyl radical is formed by the removal of one hydrogen atom from an alkane 
Example: - CH₃―CH₂― OR C₂H₅¯ 

Q6: What is the difference between n-propyl and isopropyl? Explain with structure

Ans: n-propyl is formed by the removal of the removal of terminal H atom from either end of propane. 

Isopropyl radical is formed by the removal of central H from propane. 

Q7: Explain different radicals of butane?

Ans: There are two butanes:- 

Q8: Define functional group with an example? 

Ans: An atom or a group of atoms or a double or a triple bond whose presence gives characteristics properties to an organic compound is called a Functional Group. 
Example: - CH₃―CH₂―OH 

Q9: What is an ester group? Write down the formula of ethyl acetate. 

Ans: Ester Group: - ―COO― OR ―C―O― 

Formula of ethyl acetate: - CH₃―C―O―CH₂―CH₃ 

Q10: Write down the dot and cross formula of propane and n-butane?

Ans: H H H H H H H 

H C C C H H C C C C H H H H H H H H 

Q11: Define structural formula? Draw the structural formula of n-butane and isobutene? 

Ans: A formula that shows the arrangement of atoms in a molecule of a compound.

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