What is Chromosome? Their Types And Composition of Chromosomes

What is chromosome?

The structure of chromosome look like thread it appear only when cell divide in nucleus.In human body 46 chromosomes are presents in the form of pairs.Male have sex chromosome X.Y and female have X.X.

Types Of Chromosomes.

Chromosomes consist of following components.

  1.  Chromatids
  2. Centromere
These chromosomes varies according to their size, location length and stain.

  • Telocentric.

Centromere present at the end in Telocentric

  • Acrocentric

Near the end cetromere are present.

  • Metacentric

In this type centromere present at the center of chromosome.


The composition of chromosomes consist of protein and DNA.The concentration of DNA in chromosomes is about to 40% and protein 60%.Some amount of RNA is also present in composition.
The DNA in the form of double stranded and long form shape.In which 140 million nucleotide,s are present.One chromosomes contain factory of information you can not account it easily.
Nucleosome is a complex in which DNA covering around histone proteins.Some protein have negative charge and some have positive charge on it.The thickest or visible part of chromosomes are called heterochromatin and reminder material is called euchromatin. 

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